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Places to see in BodhgayaIf you wish to experience the vibrations of enlightenment and spirituality, Bodhgaya is a place just perfect for you. That is what makes Bodhgaya the most visited destinations of the world. As India is land of sages, gurus, and heightened spirituality, Bodhgaya becomes even more important for those in quest of unearthing spirituality to its roots.

It is here a prince raised his consciousness to become a lord. It is here a man became the Mahatma. Bodhgaya is located in the central part of Bihar near the Nirajana River. The river is also known as Falgu. It is exactly 13 km from the Gaya town.  

What to See in Bodhgaya

  • Mahabodhi Temple & its ancient architecture
  • The Bodhi Tree - where Lord Budha became enlightenment
  • Great Buddha Statue - The eighty feet statue of Lord Buddha is a major attraction in Bodhgaya.
  • Dungeswari Caves
  • Bodhi Sarovar
  • Chankaramana