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Traffic application

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In China's large and medium-sized city, traffic congestion and traffic management issues affecting our life, while the UAV's own advantage to be able to help the public security departments to solve the city traffic problem, can live monitoring and traffic control, the realization of regional control, ensure smooth traffic, and can implement the emergency response to sudden traffic time.
At present, the traffic surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is mainly based on the rotorcraft, because it can hover in a certain position of the air and collect all kinds of traffic data. While the UAV equipped with cameras can quickly perceive the traffic scene, to detect ground moving vehicles and other traffic object, motion estimation of their condition, so as to achieve the intelligent traffic management, the purpose of reducing traffic accidents.
When traffic accidents happen, they need on-site treatment. UAVs can arrive at the first time, and aerial photography, forensic forensics and traffic guidance.
Road condition monitoring. The UAV can be used for aerial photography of a certain area in order to obtain statistical data of traffic flow, so as to analyze the traffic conditions and analyze the causes of traffic congestion. After a period of continuous monitoring, the laws found in the change of traffic flow can provide a basis for the traffic control departments to carry out real-time traffic congestion.
Urban traffic planning. In the field of traffic and transportation, unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing technology has technical advantages in information acquisition and rapid processing. Now, the UAV three bit digital aerial photos not only clear and wide, 3D visualization, and can be used for city traffic planning, research on macro analysis and decision-making, reasonable control flow, parking lot, the number and distribution of subway station transfer, the light rail station, ferry station, link tunnel traffic diversion, comprehensive deployment in advance emergency safeguard measures, reduce congestion, to ensure smooth.


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