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Rajgir Mahotsav: Rajgir travel, rajgir tourismBihar displays immense richness when it comes to celebrations in all forms. Events in the state of Bihar happen on regular basis. Be it film festivals, car rallies, tourism day celebrations, India’s prominent festivals, art and culture fairs, Bihar is always at the forefront of celebrating a variety of events in myriad forms. The state of being in the state of Bihar is all about fun and enjoyment at its zenith.    

Bihar is rich tradition and this is continued unabated. In the wake of this, an International Film Festival is held at Jamshedpur every year. The event is usually organized by the corporate giants such as Tata Steel.    

Bihar witnesses a wide variety of events not only supported by the private sector, but various departments at the state level also fund and organize of Bihar state government the Government sector

The number of events held in the state of Bihar is enormous. The events owe their origin to the religious tradition or economic reasons, but one thing is sure and that is their captivating essence coupled with enhanced enjoyment factor.

Be it rural areas or urban parts of Bihar, the fascination generated by these events is enormous and up to the mark. In addition, lot of amusement and recreation facilities granted to the people of Bihar further makes the aura of the state grow higher.

Events including, fairs, festivals, and other related happenings in Bihar besides providing impetus to the economic activity of the state provides an ample opportunity to the travelers from the world to enjoy and have fun at its zenith.

However, the events involving fairs and festivals are divided into two parts, i.e. seasonal and permanent. As the society of Bihar is cosmopolitan, there is deep bond between Muslim and Hindu communities and both the communities celebrate their fairs and festivals in the best possible way offering the state of Bihar spreading fun, enjoyment, and gaiety all around.