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Bodh Gaya is one of the most reputed places visited in Bihar. As the destination is popular among the tourists, there is no problem whatsoever as far as flights to and from the city is concerned. There are ample of flights available. Similar to the Patna, the flights to and from Bodh Gaya are available to the major destinations of the world. Be it flights from Bodh Gaya to Beijing, Oslo to Gaya, Paro to Gaya, Gaya to Bangkok, Bodh Gaya to Madrid, Sanghai to Gaya, Bodh Gaya to Atlanta, Bodh Gaya to San Francisco, or Bodh Gaya to Milan, there are ample of flights available from Bodh Gaya. As a result, there is no problem in providing comfort to the travelers.

The best part of the flying story to and from Bodh Gaya is the economic traveling. If on the one hand you get cheap flights to and from Bodh Gaya, thereare luxurious flights available to and from Bodh Gaya.

What more, you can search for any number of flights until you find your perfect match. You can compare flight rates proposed by various flight agencies and you will be able to get the best flight in accordance with your budget.

The distance from the main airport to luxury hotels and cheap hotels is not much. Therefore, you enjoy a comfortable journey from the airport to your hotel, as there is plenty of transport available for the purpose.

Reaching Bodhgaya by flight is simple. There is no airport of Bodhgaya itself, however there is an airport in Gaya, which is just 17 kms away from Bodhgaya. The distance from the major cities of India to Bodh Gaya is approximately 135 kms, which can easily be covered by resorting to any of the flights.

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