Tourist Destination Bihar: Patna Travel, Bodhgaya Travel, Rajgir

Holiday Ideas

Bihar’s natural landscape is full of unique travelling experience - it has breathtaking lush green views, places where enlightenment began, voluminous fertile plains, rich cultural heritage, river basins, natural springs, and much more.

Bihar offers a truly intriguing experience for everyone: for those who love the warmth of spiritualism, who wants to see India’s historic monuments, who wish to bask in the uniqueness of the living folklore, for families with children, for the aged seeking liberation, and for those who love to experience carefree holidays.

Since Bihar is easily accessible from all the major destinations of India, it becomes even more worthwhile to experience the place in its entirety.

Bihar is where you can enjoy with your family to the optimum. It is suitable for inculcating the right values in your children. It is where you not only learn about the rich Indian past and its invigorating tradition; you experience it in your lifetime. Such is the stature of this place and importance in the Indian context.

Bihar Mahotsava/Functions

Bihar is a land of celebrations since ages. The legacy continues as it offers number of significant functions or popularly known as Mahotsavas in the Indian context. The significance of these functions becomes even richer and important. The fact that these functions are region specific in Bihar, it makes them even more important in the given context. For example,

  • If you are in Koshi, you can enjoy Koshi Mahotsava in the month of February as it celebrates the same on 9th and 10th of year.
  • Similarly, in the month of April, there is Vaishali Mahotsava on 18th April every year.
  • Other major festivals include World Tourism Day, Rajgir Mahotsava, Baudha Mahotsava, Sonepur Fair, and Tourism & Trade Mart.

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