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Bihar Art & Culture

Bihar art and culture owes its origins and continuity to its composite historical legacy. As there were many rulers, sages, and exemplary people, who walked upon its soil, the art, and culture is rich as a result.  

Madhubani Paintings
One of the most fascinating forms of art is the Madhubani paintings, popular throughout the world for its artistic appeal. Done by the village women, these paintings are the result of pasting vegetable dyes on the wall. To market it, the artistes have started doing it on paper to make it handy. Normally the painting depicts scenes from the villages, human and animal forms, gods, and goddesses.

Stone Pottery
Stone pottery of Bihar is equally famous as its other art forms. As a result, one can witness white metal statuettes, wooden toys, leather goods, and bamboo artifacts.

Culture and Tradition
The cultural life of Bihar owes greatly to its traditional moorings. The traditional Bihar society comprises of art, dance, music, festivals, and fairs. Without these basic tenets, the culture of Bihar would be incomplete. As the tradition plays a major role in making Bihar’s culture, its folk music and folk dance is the testimony to the sentiment. 

Food habits of Bihar are unique considering the geographical and available resources. The Brahmin class practices vegetarianism and their food habits directly run on the oriental lines. The uniqueness lies in the fact that although Bihar is full of mighty rivers, yet the food mostly consists of vegetarian diets. This is what makes the food habits of Bihar unique. Bihari people do not prefer even chicken and eggs in their meals. Apart from this, there are 500 varieties of pickles and one of the most favored dishes is ‘Jhal Moori’, which is prepared of ‘puffed rice’ and other ingredients.