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Bihar Geography

The location of Bihar is strategic. It is located in the eastern part of the country, which lies in the middle of the humid West Bengal and sub-humid Uttar Pradesh. The place enjoys close proximity to Nepal. There is Jharkhand in the South as well. The state of Bihar is fortunate to have river, Ganga running just in the middle of it from west to east. That is what makes the place even more significant. The river, Ganga is considered as one of the holy rivers of India since ages. This has made the state of Bihar preserve its rich historical culture in terms of religion much intensely as compared to other states.

Bihar has a total area of 94,163 sq. km. and is located between 21°-58'-10" N ~ 27°-31'-15" N latitude and between 82°-19'-50" E ~ 88°-17'-40" E longitude. The elevation above sea level stands to 173 Feet.

Bihar offers rich fertile land, which is arable and as a result, much of the yield comes from this place. The land is mainly flat. Long stretch of lush green flat lands make it even more significant. Many rivers, Ganga, Bagmati, Son, Budhi, Kosi, Gandak, and Falgu maintain the fertility of Bihar. The place is rich with few mountains, which lies in the middle of it. Named as Rajgir hills, the hills give beauty to the state of Bihar.

India’s largest mountains, the Himalayan Mountains are to the north of Bihar. If one goes to the south, one can find Chota Nagpur plateau. However, it has been a part of Jharkhand, which was in Bihar until the year 2000.