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Languages in Bihar

As Bihar falls in the northern region of India, the language widely used in most of the northern part is Hindi. The language, Hindi, has evolved from the interaction of various trading generations existed in the past in the northern Indian region. Hindi constitutes the official language of Bihar.   

As the state of Bengal borders the state of Bihar, Bengali is yet another language used for communication by some people in Bihar. These people live close to the Bengal borders.

As English stands to be the universal language, in the state of Bihar, though it is widely understood, but few speak in English. As far as interaction with the tourists is concerned, it is not at all problematic when it comes to communicating in the English language.

There is no dearth of other languages as well in Bihar. To name a few, many local dialects include Bhojpuri, Magahi, and Maithili. From these three languages, Bhojpuri is prevalent in bounty especially in Saran, Champaran, and Shahabad districts. In all, there are around 5 million speakers of this Bhojpuri dialect.

Apart from the mentioned languages, a large chunk of people uses Bengali, Asamese, and Oriya language for communicating. The reason is clear that the state of Bihar shares boundaries with Eastern part of India as well. The recent research shows the popularity of these three languages.

While people in Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, Darbhanga, Samastipur, Saharsa, Purnia and Bhagalpur speak Maithili, people in Patna and Gaya speak Magahi. Maithili can be classified as a distinct and uniquely Bihari language because of its rich history of literature. Vidyapati a medieval era Bihar poet composed verses in praise of Lord Krishna with great intensity in Maithili language only. Other dialects spoken in the state of Bihar are Angika, Fiji Hindi, Kudmali, Panchpargania, Sadri, Sarnami, Hindustani, Surajpuri, and Vajjika.