Tourist Destination Bihar: Patna Travel, Bodhgaya Travel, Rajgir

People and Lifestyle

People in Bihar are more or less orthodox and believe in continuing with the rich traditional Indian values. They are strong believers in their Gods in accordance with their religions. Their lifestyle is usually simple and full of fun and entertainment as they throng to cinema halls to get hands on their favourite movie. Indeed, they are movie buffs.

Since the state of Bihar is always thronged with tourists and travelers, several hotels have come into existence. To name a few, Bodhgaya Ashok, Royal Residency, Patiluputra Ashok, and Hotel Samrat International. These names constitute some of the most popular and preferred hotels of the region.

The overall culture in Bihar is of orthodoxy. The Bihari community more or less leans towards the watching movies and their favorite Bhojpuri films. This is what they are keen up to. As a result, the Biharis in general do not want to attend pubs and bars. They do not go to these places occasionally and whenever they need such kind of entertainment, they prefer to visit the local dancing clubs and similar kind of entertainment avenues.

Usually people from Bihar are moviegoers. The movies they prefer are usually in their native language, i.e. Bhojpuri. There are several Bhojpuri films, which are quite popular among the Biharis and they always prefer to these films as part of their entertainment routine.

Some of the favorite Bhojpuri movies that have given the hit status include Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Chadaibois. In fact this film stands to be the first film in the Bhojpuri language and still considered to be the best film ever made in the Bhojpuri. That is not to undermine the importance of theater at all in the context of culture related to Bihar. The theater is a solid part of their entertainment avenue.

As far art is concerned, it is Madhubani art of Bihar, which has gained tremendous importance. This form of art is also called the Angika art. The art form is originated from the Mithila region and represents one of the best wall paintings tradition of Bihar.