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Rajgir travel, Places to see in Rajgir Rajgir is located near Nalanda and is just 15 km away from it. Rajgir is among the few top most visited destinations of India. The place is surrounded by lush green environment and is the most beautiful places of India. The place is famous for its close affiliations to Lord Buddha, who walked on this place and taught the basic tenets to attain enlightenment.

Travelers can reach by air, as it is 101 km from Patna Airport. One can also reach the destination by road, as there are ample of transport facilities available from all the other major cities of Bihar. 

What to See

  • Jarashand ka Akhara
  • Jivakameavan Gardens
  • Ajatshatru Fort
  • Cyclopean Wall
  • Shanti Stupa
  • Venu Vana
  • Sonbhandar Caves
  • Karanda Tank
  • Bimbisar Jail
  • Veerayatan
  • Jain Temple
  • Chariot Route Marks
  • Hot Springs
  • Pippala Cave
  • Swarn Bhandar