Tourist Destination Bihar: Patna Travel, Bodhgaya Travel, Rajgir

Bihar Top Destinations - How to Reach

Going to Bihar is as easy as falling off a log. The capital of Bihar, Patna is well connected to all the major destinations of India. Be it Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, or any other metropolis of India, you are always sure of reaching Bihar without hiccups. Bihar is also well-connected to the major destinations of the world.


If you wish to experience the vibrations of enlightenment and spirituality, Bodhgaya is a place just perfect for you. That is what makes Bodhgaya the most visited destinations of the world. As India is land of sages, gurus, and heightened spirituality, Bodhgaya becomes even more important for those in quest of unearthing spirituality to its roots. It is here a prince raised his consciousness to become a lord. It is here a man became the Mahatma. Bodhgaya is located in the central part of Bihar near the Nirajana River. The river is also known as Falgu. It is exactly 13 km from the Gaya town.   More »


Nalanda represents rich ancient legacy of knowledge in Bihar. Founded in the 5th century AD, Nalanda constitutes the most ancient university in the region. From Patna, one has to cover just 90 km to reach Nalanda. Buddha used to visit this place occasionally. Hieun Tsang stayed here in the 7th century AD and he is the one who created the atmosphere for further studies in the region. More »


There are places in this world, which might seem ordinary but going little close to them will make you realize their rich ancient historical legacy. Vaishali is one of them. Vaishali looked like an ordinary place covered with lush green mango and banana trees, but excavations revealed its rich and impressive historical past. They tell us that King Vishal ruled once here with his might and power. It is this place, which remained once the center for trade and industry. More »


Kushinagar, situated against a pastoral landscape, is approximately 53 km west of Gorakhpur. Kushinagar is famous because of its affiliations with Budha’s cremation. It is here Buddha finally got rid of this birth-death cycle, which is synonymous to liberation in Hindu religious philosophy. More »


Pawapuri is also known as Apapuri located 38 km from Rajgir and 90 km from Patna. This place draws its affiliations to Jainism as Lord Mahavira breathed his last at Pawapuri. This place is also known for its rich cultural legacy in terms of spiritualism and enlightenment. More »


Rajgir is located near Nalanda and is just 15 km away from it. Rajgir is among the few top most visited destinations of India. The place is surrounded by lush green environment and is the most beautiful places of India. More »


Patna has emerged as one of the most sought tourist places in Bihar. Located on the southern parts of the Ganges, the place offers rich historical legacy coupled with myriad ways of fun and enjoyment. Acting as centre for art and culture, the city flaunts its historic charm and provides ample of opportunities to its travelers reaching the city from all over the world. More »