Tourist Destination Bihar: Patna Travel, Bodhgaya Travel, Rajgir

Tour Packages

Bihar is famous for its captivating essence and this translates in attracting amass of travelers from around the world. As a result, there is no dearth of tour packages. Many travel agencies offer cheap tour and travel packages to the travelers.

Before going for any of the tour packages, make sure to know that the state of Bihar is divided into two halves; one constitutes the northern fertile plains, and the other falls in the category of southern Chotanagpur plateau, rich in mineral wealth. Bihar offers many valuable destinations for the touring purpose.  

Concisely, following are the places that are largely sought as famous tour destinations of Bihar:

BodhGaya - Famous destination as Lord Buddha meditated under a pipal tree here and became enlightened.

Vaishali - Significant since it is the birthplace of Lord Mahavira, the greatest profounder of Jainism. Other famous place to visit includes Ashoka Pillar.

Jalmandir - It is yet another major pilgrimage especially for Jains

Pawapuri - is one of the sacred places of Jains. Lord Mahavira attained enlightenment at this place

Nalanda - An ancient Buddhist University of higher learning, popularly known as the seat of Indian knowledge and wisdom

Vishnupad temple - Lord Vishnu’s 40 cm long foot is believed to be present in the vicinities of Vishnupad temple

Harminder Sahib - Sikh sacred shrine as Guru Gobind Singh took birth in the vicinities of Patna. The destination offers famous museum exhibiting the photographs, personal articles, and holy scriptures, of Guru Gobind Singh.

Bihar State Museum - If you love to see a rare collection of coins, stone sculptures, and paintings, State Museum is the perfect place for you. Ashes of Buddha, Jain Sculpture, and War Canon are also kept at this place

Martyr's Memorial - The place offers a sculpture, which is stored in the honour of the seven freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives in Quit India Movement in 1942

Sher Shah's Mausoleum - A magnificent monument built of red stone andstone

Golghar - To combat the famines, a 27-meter high hemispherical shaped granary built in 1786 to store grains

Bokaro - Bokaro steel plant is famous as India’s biggest steel mill

Jamshedpur - Popularly known as the steel city founded by Jamshedji Nasarwanji Tata

Dhanbad - World’s renowned coalfields are found here and the place is popularly known as a mining town

Ranchi - Owing its origin to the industrialization process, Ranchi is famous for boasting big industries

Mahatma Gandhi Setu - The longest bridge spanning over the large part of Ganges. World’s longest bridge