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Tourist Destinations in Jharkhand

With its perfect location on the Chhotanagpur Plateau, Jharkhand is known for immense beauty sharing its geographical boundary with Bihar. Land offering waterfalls, forest delights, sacred destinations, and captivating rock formations, Ranchi has everything for all. The day, 15 November 2000 was when this place came into existence from the state of Bihar. Earlier Jharkhand was the part of Bihar.

Jharkhand, as the name itself implies, a piece of land of thickets and bushes, is known for breathtaking views and picturesque beauty. The place is popular for boasting some of the best green places and amass lands of dense forests. Gushing wild waterfalls constitute the regular feature of Jharkhand. Gushing wild waterfalls or the lush green rolling hills, Jharkhand is synonymous with the natural beauty in every aspect of its character. So, get ready for dense forests, captivating wildlife, and mind-blowing waterfalls the moment you are in state of Jharkhand. Following are the popular destinations in Jharkhand:


Ranchi is a place that offers sheer simplicity and unimaginable scenic beauty at your disposal. With its breathtaking views and splendid captivating essence, Ranchi provides bountiful of peace and tranquility in its vicinities. Situated at an altitude of 2140 feet above the sea level, the place offers perfect spots where romance can be experienced at its zenith.

The Land of Waterfalls

Ranchi offers a plenty of waterfalls and rock formations, which are no less than wondrous creations bestowed by the nature. Just stand below the Hundru Falls and experience the tiny water drops cajoling you throughout your stay. Then there is Dassam Falls and Jonha Falls, which are simply majestic in their existence.  Similarly, you can visit Hirni Falls and Sita Falls to experience the best stroke of your life.

Sacred Destinations

As the epic goes that Ravana had dropped the jyotirlingam (idol of Lord Shiva) in Deoghar, it is a pilgrimage comprised of 22 temples known by the name of Baidyanath Dham Complex. The place is thronged by thousands of pilgrims from all over the places and the moment they chant ‘Bol Bam’, the spiritual energy infused by them is simply incredible, something to bask in for cleansing ones soul. Agrabadi is yet another devotional destination with temples of Lord Ganapati, Ram-Sita, Hanuman, and Shiva.

Wildlife Treasures of Jharkhand

Now, here is something great for all those who love to see a place filled with natural beauty. As 30 percent of Jharkhand's land area comprises of forest, it is just a boon for the adventurists and explorers of beauty in its raw form. Popular places falling in the wildlife circles Jharkhand are Betla National Park, Dalma Sanctury, with other natural places loaded with scenic beauty.  


Situated in the East district of Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, Jamshedpur is popularly known as the  ‘Steel City’. The name owes it origin to Tata Iron and Steel Co., founded by the late Jasmshedji Nusserwanji Tata in 1919. Also referred as Tatanagar, it exhibits one of the most planned industrial townships of India.  Jamshedpur offers breathtaking views with man-made parks and lush green gardens offering a pleasant retreat to the local people as well as the travelers around the world. 


Dhanbad is primarily a mining town and falls in the category of new cities of Jharkhand. Dhanbad is known world over for its rich coalfields and industrial establishments. That is the reason why it is referred as the 'Coal Capital' of India. Since the city of Dhanbad leans towards industrial production, it is primarily an industrial city and therefore attracts less number of travelers. However, one is always open to go to scores of other places of significant tourist value from Dhanbad.