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Tourist Information Centre in Jharkhand

There are many tourist information centres in Jharkhand. You can opt for any of the centre from scores of Jharkhand tourist information centres. In fact, when one opts for a tourist center, the aim is to get the comprehensive tour information along with a well-guided tour package. That is where tourist information centre plays a major part.

About Jharkhand, it is said that the tourist information centers are well equipped to handle any kind of tourism related needs. These can be treated as one of the places giving emergency assistance or usual tours and travel advisory.

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We give you a comprehensive set of tourist information related to Jharkhand. We have dedicated a separate page for you.

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Important Tourist Information Centres:

  • Tourist Information Centre Directorate of Tourism Birsa Vihar Complex Main Road, Ranchi Ph: 91-651-2300646
  • Principal Secretary (Tourism) Government of Jharkhand HEC Project Building Dhurwa, Ranchi Telefax: 91-651-2403229, Fax: 2403836