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Baggage Rules

If you are aware of the baggage rules, then it will be easier to steer away your Jharkhand journey gracefully and comfortably. The rules given here are generalized rules including many of the airline’s specific baggage rules. It is advisable to check with your Airlines the specific form of baggage specifications.

Baggage rules means the mentioning of the luggage restrictions put forward by the Airline Authorities. These restrictions need to be followed strictly. This is to ensure that you enjoy your travel without any hiccups. To be more specific, the baggage rules are applied with the following parameters:

  • Weight
  • Dimensions

As the limitation to how many bags you can carry during your travel are decided by the particular airlines authorities, you must check with the specific authorities. Every airline authority has a different set of guidelines.

In case of India, the rules apply by taking into consideration the following parameters into account. For domestic flight, you can check 3 bags and carry-on none, check 2 bags and carry-on one, or check one bag and carry-on two.

The weight of the checked bags cannot exceed 70 pounds per bag. The dimensions, which are permissible under this category cannot exceed 45" x 55" x 62" for the largest bag. Next bag cannot have a dimension that exceeds 55", and the third checked bag cannot exceed 45".

Similarly, the baggage rules are applied on the ‘carry on bags’ as well. The total weight of all the ‘carry on bags’ cannot not exceed 40 pounds. Some airlines allow taking 50 pounds as well.

There are number of variations as far as baggage rules are concerned. Therefore, it is better to check with your airport authority.